Energize And Rejuvenate

Monday, Jan 1 with Becky

We will welcome the new year with a playful sequence that explores various families of asanas. The sequence will include quick movements, some inversions (modification will be made as needed), supported back bends and some quieting poses to end with. You will receive a sequence that you can take home to explore and experiment with throughout the year. 


Exploration of the Vayus

Tuesday, Jan 2 with Kathy

Working from the Vayus can shed a subtle light on your asana practice. Awareness of these vital energies can create a deep, inward focus that leads to a peaceful and quiet mind. These teachings are based on a workshop by Birjoo Meta from Mumbai given in Washington, DC, in September 2017.


Back Care Basics

Wednesday, Jan 3 with Becky

When our back hurts our mind becomes distracted and agitated. Certain asanas (poses) and particular sequences can have a tremendous benefit of helping to keep our backs healthy and strong. Students will be guided through a sequence that can be practiced throughout the year to help maintain a pain-free back. A copy of the sequence will be given to each participant. This class is not appropriate for people with chronic back pain (please speak with Becky for other options if this is the case for you).


Price: $20 for each 2 hour workshop
Who should attend: All levels & traditions are welcome! Students should have some prior yoga experience.
No raw beginners please.

Please email Becky (becky@audubonyoga.com) if you are in need of financial assistance or have any questions.


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